Inspired in Spain

by Alexandra den Heijer

I just returned from Barcelona, where I felt very welcome to share knowledge and experience with experts and academics. I was honoured by the presence of the Secretary of State of universities. My presentation can be found under DOWNLOADS. I attached a photo of the Spanish lecture hall from the stage, just before my lecture.

lecture hall at Barcelona's Parc Cientific

I want to thank the Spanish Secretary of State of Universities Mr. Rubiralta and DEGW for the invitation and for organising a very inspiring conference about “Social Learning Spaces” for Spanish universities. The shared knowledge strenghened both the professional and academic network.

PS My book is sold out since the day after the Spanish conference. An attendee was so kind to notify me even before the publisher did! We still have some copies left in Delft (for the same price). Anyone interested in the last copies of the first edition can send me a message (

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