About the 2011 book

PREFACE of the book “Managing the university campus” (page 1/2)

The 2011 book/dissertation “Managing the university campus” summarizes the results of ten years of research on a wide range of topics on campus management: from generating references for planning purposes – like current replacement costs and new space standards for the changing academic workplace – to strategies for the sustainable campus and new models that merge the campus and the knowledge city. The book includes profiles of fourteen Dutch campuses and forty campus projects to illustrate trends. The content of this book combines insights from theory – adding to new real estate management theories and the required management information for real estate decisions – and lessons for practice. The book can support the decisions of policy makers, architects, campus and facility managers about the campus of the future.

For the cover and graphic design of the book author Alexandra den Heijer (see AUTHOR) worked with Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel (see BOOK DESIGN).

Note of the author:
This website contains extra information like downloads and websites, linked to the content of the book.

Table of Contents


1 Introduction, research questions and methodology
2 About Dutch universities: data, history and context
3 Conceptual framework


4 Assessing the current campus
5 Exploring changing demand
6 Generating future models for the campus
7 Defining projects to transform the campus


8 Management information for campus decisions
9 Strategic choices for the campus of the future
10 Reflections and epilogue


Appendix I – Dutch university campuses (14)
Appendix II – Dutch university projects (39)
Appendix III – Dutch higher education system, funding and student enrolment
Appendix IV – International associations and networks
Appendix V – Future models for campus and city
Appendix VI – Project BK city – background, facts & figures
Appendix VII – Abbreviations and definitions
Appendix VIII – Related research, methodology and results

The digital (black & white) version of the book can be downloaded from TU Delft’s repository.

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  1. I do University planning in Germany and I’m a friend of Juriaan van Meel
    I would like to get in contact with you!

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