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by Alexandra den Heijer (project leader)

Cover 2019 European Campus book In October 2019, the Campus Research Team released a second book: “The European Campus – Management & Information”, which includes the latest higher education scenarios and campus trends, based on cases of 13 universities of technology in Europe and literature.

The book can be ordered by sending a mail to with c.c. to


Cover_The European Campus_with BORDER.jpeg

Since 2012 our TU Delft research team has been working on the project “European campus”, which had its first milestone with a book in 2014 and a conference in 2015, in collaboration with the European University Association (EUA – The research team is studying the state of the campus in all 28 EU member states and collects data about (number of) students and employees, funding, locations, iconic buildings and (number and state of) m2 floor area.

In October 2014 the research team have launched the book “The European campus – the heritage and challenges”. Members of the team were Dirk Jan van den Berg (former president TU Delft), Alexandra den Heijer (professor), George Tzovlas (researcher) and Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel (PhD+postdoc researcher – focus Technology campuses).

Preliminary results of European campus research - to be published in book

Preliminary results of European campus research – to be published in book “The European campus – the heritage and challenges” in 2014

For this project our European university network is involved – both academically and professionally. Part of this European campus research is the development of a decision-support tool: “a campus stress test”. This stress test contain a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess current European campuses and new campus plans (examples of indicators: space utilization in users/m2, ecological footprint, inter-university collaboration, total costs of ownership in euros/m2, % shared university-city functions, effective use of European heritage buildings), using European best practices as references and benchmarks.

If you want to be informed about the “campus stress test”, the conference or the book, send a message to for notifications.

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