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Students bring back life to our campuses, after summer

by Alexandra den Heijer

This week the academic year has started in the Netherlands. I was happy to see the students again for many reasons, including the fact that they really bring back life to our campuses and buildings, after summer. Today, I am in England, enjoying the hospitality of University of Salford. Yesterday I gave a dinner speech (see DOWNLOADS for hand-out) and I got a chance to see parts of their campuses, including MediaCity:UK, a campus they share with the BBC, Adobe and ITV (among others).

MediaCity:UK on a sunny Thursday, 2 weeks before the students arrive

MediaCity:UK is located at Salford Quays on the banks of Manchester’s historic ship canal. The vision is to become a leading international hub for the creative and digital sectors, and a vibrant destination to work, live and play. The students will arrive in two weeks, when the new academic year starts for UK universities. For more information see http://www.mediacityuk.co.uk/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaCityUK.

University of Salford has more campuses and is very much aware of the university’s role in the local economy: “With a turnover of some £180.5m, we take our responsibility towards the city of Salford very seriously. The University is one of the area’s biggest employers and makes a significant contribution to the local economy.” (source: http://www.salford.ac.uk/)

one of the “red-brick buildings” on University of Salford’s campus

In the Netherlands the academic year has started last Monday. I wish our students a very productive and inspiring year. Our building has changed from BK (holiday) village to BK city again…

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