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New publications, positions & projects

by Alexandra den Heijer

We are proud that our 2014 publication “The European Campus” has been distributed to more than 20 different countries (> 400 copies) and has been reviewed by international media like Huffington Post, Times Higher Education Supplement, ScienceGuide (also in Dutch) – see 2014 BOOK more review titles. In the meantime related articles have been published in four different languages (see PUBLICATIONS for downloads and links to publisher’s websites).

recent publications in English, Chinese, German and Dutch - see PUBLICATIONS for links to websites and PDFs to download

recent publications in English, Chinese, German and Dutch – see PUBLICATIONS for links to websites and PDFs to download

This month I have also accepted a new position for 5 months: Guest Professor at Nuremberg Institute of Technology / TH Nürnberg in Bayern, Germany. This is a position for the Summer Term, Studio AEG Campus – transforming industrial heritage – Fakultät Architektur by invitation of Professor Florian Fischer, chair Entwerfen in Theorie und Praxis. For lectures and documentation in German and English, see DOWNLOADS.

At the same time our TU Delft campus team is also expanding with new researchers and together we are exploring some of the subthemes of our Smart Campuses research topic: smart tools on campus (with TU Delft colleagues of Geomatics) and resource-efficient transformation of 60s/70s university buildings (with TU Delft colleagues of Architectural Engineering + Technology). More details will follow!

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From 320 students to 1001 books

by Alexandra den Heijer

While the snow not only covered Finnish campuses – but also our Delft campus – huge groups of students filled up (and warmed up) our lecture halls and design studios. Being responsible for their 30 ECTS curriculum this semester made me focus on something else than research, lectures abroad and simple things like replying all those (voice)mail messages.

Spring semester started with 320 students

The most challenging part of the semester – 320 student playing a management game – ended today. This means I have a little more time to enjoy and distribute the second edition of the book (1000 more copies + 1, see photo), starting with sending 130 copies to the UK – for attendants of AUDE conference where I will be speaking – and 120 to universities in the Netherlands.

our TU Delft library after the first day of snow (February 3)

In the meantime I also included more ‘tour dates’ to my schedule (see TOUR). I still can’t believe how international this research has become in less than one year… I never thought I would bring the book all the way to South Korea, and in the next year I will do that… twice. However overwhelming, I am also struggling with an overload of (international) opportunities and limited time. My mailbox is exploding and I feel bad about not being able to respond to everyone personally.

Alexandra den Heijer with the second edition of her book (+1000 copies)

the second edition of the book arrived last month (+1000 copies)

Nonetheless, the busy schedule still allows time to publish. Deadlines still work for me, apparently. I will soon add a separate PUBLICATIONS menu to this blog, to split the written publications like articles in journals and magazines from the other DOWNLOADS like hand-outs of presentations. This month there will be two new publications: a book chapter in “Creative Knowledge Cities” (release February 2012, Edward Elgar Publishing – http://www.e-elgar.co.uk) and an article in CELE Exchange (OECD Centre for Educational Learning Environments). I will upload the latter as soon as it is released.

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Back from Scotland

After a very inspiring visit to Scotland – University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, Strathclyde University – it is confirmed (again) that Europe has so much to offer: a combination of campuses that breathe academic history in vibrant knowledge cities.

University of Glasgow campus - the value of academic history and heritage buildings

I also discovered that we (in the Netherlands) offer students beautiful housing: spacious rooms and apartments that could be used as a competitive advantage for the Dutch learning experience.

PS I uploaded some new publications (see DOWNLOADS).

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Publicity… also for BK city

In the past weeks I have written two columns, an article (in Dutch) and a paper (in English). The newest column can be found by clicking this link nieuwbrief gebiedsontwikkeling.nu. I will upload the PDFs of all publications as soon as I receive them from the publishers – see DOWNLOADS.
In the meantime our project BK city received new awards and nominations in the past weeks. I am very proud of the EU price (Europa Nostra) for Cultural Heritage, both as a member of the BK city project team and as a user of the building – see CASE BK CITY for more information.

Alexandra den Heijer

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