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Introducing my campus research team

by Alexandra den Heijer

This week I proudly added a new researcher – George Tzovlas – to my campus research team. George and I will work on the next publication – “Managing the European campus” – that will be launched at a EUA / TU Delft conference with the same title in 2014.

campus research team: Alexandra den Heijer (associate professor), Salome Bentinck (senior researcher), Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel (PhD researcher) and George Tzovlas (researcher)

campus research team: Alexandra den Heijer (associate professor), Salome Bentinck (senior researcher), Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel (PhD researcher) and George Tzovlas (researcher)

Next to our project “Managing the European campus” the research team is also exploring “Campuses and cities” (Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel) and “The campus as a place to learn, meet and work” (Salome Bentinck).

About the team members:
– George Tzovlas has recently completed my Master thesis “Strategic Management of University Real Estate supported by BIM: An application to the real estate of the Greek University A.U.Th.” (awarded with honours), following his architectural training in his country of origin, Greece. A link to his Master thesis REPOSITORY TU DELFT and to his LinkedIn Profile.

– Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel focuses on the role of the built environment in knowledge-based development. She obtained her BSc degree (Architecture) in Colombia and her MSc degree (Real Estate) in Delft. In-between BSc and MSc she has worked as an architect (4 years of experience). Her Master thesis (awarded with honours) combined both insights from campus management and urban area development. More about her research can be found on this website and through Flavia’s LinkedIn profile.

– Salomé Bentinck has extensive experience as a campus manager in practice (University of Amsterdam) and has been working at TU Delft since June 2011. She focuses on the university campus as a place to learn, meet and work. More about her can be found on Salomé’s LinkedIn profile.

For recent publications of our research team go to PUBLICATIONS.

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EUA conference “Sustainable Universities”

by Alexandra den Heijer

I really enjoyed the annual EUA conference, hosted by the University of Warwick. I will write more about the content later. My contribution (presentation about innovative campus management) can be found under DOWNLOADS – including a link to my propositions in English, German, French, Spanish and -of course- Dutch: 10 PROPOSITIONS .


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The book has reached 15 European countries…

by Alexandra den Heijer

In the past month – after the visits to Scotland and Germany – I have exchanged knowledge and ideas about campus management with delegates from many European countries. On June 15 a Swiss delegation visited TU Delft, from ETH Zurich and – a week later – on June 22 I presented a paper at an academic conference (MISBE), which I will upload as soon as possible – see photo below.

giving a lecture at Amsterdam's Beurs van Berlage for the academic conference MISBE 2011

Last week I paid a fruitful visit to the European University Association in Brussels to talk about the relation between the campus and the financial sustainability of European universities. Again, it was confirmed that both the opportunities and threats of the campus are internationally recognized. In the meantime I also got enthusiastic messages (about the book) from Austria, Italy, Ireland and England. The most recent lecture (yesterday) was for a group of French delegates, representing universities that are about to become owners of their campuses – like in the Netherlands. Their visit was organized by Utrecht University in collaboration with the French Ministry of Education and Ecole des Ponts / ParisTech. Very interesting meetings… again… I feel blessed with my work.

PS The book has reached campus managers, policy makers and/or academics in 15 European countries (concluded from the messages I received and from data that the publisher sent me): Belgium, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany. And I know there are copies in Dubai, Colombia, Australia and the USA. I am very proud…

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