Smart tools

by Bart Valks, Alexandra den Heijer & Monique Arkesteijn

On this page we will keep you up-to-date with our “Smart Campus Tools” research project, which already resulted in a book in 2016 (in Dutch) – with a management summary in English – and a book in 2018 (in English – link to DOWNLOAD book), exploring the existence of and experience with smart tools at international universities.

Blog post 4 – November 2017 – by Campus Research Team
Blog post 3 – July 2017 – by Bart Valks
Blog post 2 – May 2017 – by Bart Valks
Blog post 1 – April 2017 – by Bart Valks

Our definition: “A smart tool is a service or product which collects (real-time) information on space use to improve the space use on the current campus on the one hand, whilst supporting decision making on the future space use on the other hand.”

The management summary in Dutch is also downloadable as a PDF file. The book (only available in Dutch) can be order by sending a mail to (40 euro per copy, 160 full-colour pages) – the next book will be published in English. The first journal paper about this research is already accepted and will be published soon in the Journal of Corporate Real Estate; a link will follow as soon as it is online available.

Smart Campus Tools – research team

Part 2 of the Smart Campus Tools research project – commissioned by the directors of facilities of all 14 Dutch research universities – is conducted by Bart Valks (PhD candidate / promovendus), Monique Arkesteijn (project leader) en Alexandra den Heijer (chair TU Delft’s Campus Research Team).