Continuing the European tour

by Alexandra den Heijer

Yesterday I continued my European tour by presenting my research in a Masterclass “Campus of the Future” for French and Dutch delegates, related to French/Dutch universities. The venue was Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). The other speakers were Mr. Jean-François Clerc representing the Ministry of Higher Education & Research (Ministère de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche, grands projets immobiliers) and Mr. Kees Lansbergen, campusmanager EUR (see:

My next research step – exploring the European campus – gets more support every week. Given the limited time I could spend on an actual research strategy in the past half year, I am extra proud of invitations to speak at international conferences and share knowledge with academic and professional colleagues. The agenda for the next half year:

– November 2011 – Barcelona, for delegates of Spanish universities
– November 2011 – Brussels, for HUMANE (Heads of Univ. Mgmt in Europe)
– January 2012 – Glasgow, for Strathclyde University (related to SAUDE)
– January 2012 – Helsinki, for research program Finnish universities
– March 2012 – Warwick, for EUA (European University Association)
– April 2012 – Loughborough, for AUDE (directors of estates UK)

Besides these dates there are many opportunities to share knowledge with Dutch and international visitors closer to home. In one of the next posts I will elaborate on the research strategy for (managing) the European campus and ‘univer-cities’ (research programme Real Estate Management, Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology).

European union with 27 countries and about 500 million inhabitants –, 2011

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