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European knowledge exchange in Brussels (and Delft)

by Alexandra den Heijer

From Barcelona to Brussels: November was a great month for European knowledge exchange. Today I came home from Brussels. The European capital was an ideal place for a seminar about sustainable universities. Organised by HUMANE (http://www.humane.eu) policy makers and directors of administration from many European countries shared knowledge and experiences. I was the sixth and last speaker of the seminar on Saturday morning, in a class room of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (http://www.vub.ac.be). After my lecture I had prepared a 60-minute workshop “campus of the future”. All attendees were divided in three groups to visualize three future campus models for the traditional university, the network university and the virtual university. The results can be seen below (click on photos for enlargement).

model A - traditional campus

mood board model A - traditional campus

campus model B - network university

mood board model B - network campus

campus model C - virtual university

mood board model C - virtual campus

My HUMANE Brussels presentation can be found under DOWNLOADS. The same goes for the presentation I gave two days earlier, on Thursday November 24, when I received a group of real estate professionals from Finland in Delft. Their visit was organised by KIINKO (http://www.kiinko.fi) for Real Estate Education. The photo of the audience was taken just after my lecture, when the next speaker had started. Pirjo Honkaniemi – our contact at KIINKO – is in the first row.

BK city Delft, lecture hall C, Thursday November 24 - the group from Finland, just after my lecture

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