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While students are preparing for exams…

by Alexandra den Heijer

… I am continuing my European winter tour in Scotland and Finland (where I am now, in the snow). Last week’s presentation for University of Strathclyde can be found under DOWNLOADS. This also goes for the spontaneous (thanks to Ana Cristobal) presentation at Page/Park architecture studio in Glasgow (www.pagepark.co.uk), which was the same one I gave in Barcelona early November.

I can not write enough about how blessed I feel to be given these opportunities to meet inspiring people in beautiful cities (and beautiful people in inspiring cities…). I also consider it to be a reward for investing time and money in my own education. I will keep encouraging my students to do the same… and hope they make the best of this semester’s exams.

Note: the photo below was taken last week of University of Strathclyde’s Assembly Hall, just before the students came in.


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