Hand-outs of all past presentations can be found under DOWNLOADS.

Upcoming in 2020

– TU Berlin, Germany
– IST, Lisbon, Portugal

September 2019

– Tampere, Finland – by invitation of Tampere University of Technology.

June 2019

– Trondheim, Norway – by invitation of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
– UCL, London

May 2019

– Gdansk-Sopot, Poland – for 70 students Investments & Real Estate of the University of Gdansk.

April 2019

– Helsinki, Finland – by invitation of 3L Education (Life-long learning).

November 2018

– London, England – by invitation of University College London (UCL).

October 2018

– Barcelona, Spain – by invitation of European University Association (EUA) at their 4th Funding Forum.

June 2018

– Reading, England – paper presentations at the 25th annual ERES conference at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

– Bonn, Germany – by invitation of Bonn Universität – Forum Internationale Wissenschaft – as part of their lecture series about the future of teaching: website link.

January 2018

– Liverpool, England – keynote lecture at the “AUDE Big Conversation 2018: 25 years of HE Estates – Lessons from the past to build our future”, by invitation of the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) in the United Kingdom.

June 2017

– Tyumen, Russia – keynote lecture (2 hours + 1 hour discussion) at the “Leading Edge University Lecture Series”, by invitation of the Council on Global Competitiveness Enhancement of Leading Russian Universities among Global Research and Education Centers (the 5-100 Council) and the Governor of Tyumen Oblast

– Moscow, Russia – lectures at SKOLKOVO, Moscow School of Management

– Århus, Denmark – lecture at 2-day strategy meeting, by invitation of Århus Universitet (Aarhus University)

May 2017

– Oslo, Norway – by invitation of the Department of Higher Education of the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

After a year-long break for Campus NL and the 13 campus visits in the Netherlands, the international tour continues in the Spring of 2017.

June 2016

– Heidelberg, Germany – by invitation of IBA, for a workshop about the campus of the future.

May 2016

– Brussels, Belgium – by invitation of VSNU/Neth-ER, about the European campus of the future.

April 2016

– Berlin, Germany – by invitation Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin, for the Laborrunde symposium “Leben und Forschen auf dem Campus – Behaglichkeit 8.0 – Campusentwicklung” – see:

February 2016

– Erlangen, Germany – by invitation of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität.

November 2015

– Amsterdam, NL – by invitation of Class of 2020 for the 2015 symposium “The Century of the University City” (venue: DeLaMar Theatre).

October 2015

– Ghent, Belgium – lecture for academic and professional staff by invitation of Ghent University (venue: Het Pand).

September 2015

– Amsterdam, NL – lecture for “Masterclass New York – Stad & Campus”, by invitation by invitation of the City (DRO) and University of Amsterdam (UvA).

June 2015

– Manchester, England – lecture at annual HEDQF conference by invitation of Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF)

March to July 2015

– Nuremberg, Germany – guest professor at Nuremberg Institute of Technology / Technische Hochschule Nürnberg – Georg Simon Ohm, Fakultät Architektur, Entwerfen in Theorie und Praxis – design studio AEG Campus 2020

March 2015

– Delft NL – invitation to speak at the final EUniverCities conference – more info at the EUniverCities website

November 2014

– Nuremberg, Germany – by invitation of Nuremberg Institute of Technology / Technische Hochschule Nürnberg – Georg Simon Ohm, Fakultät Architektur, Entwerfen in Theorie und Praxis – for workshop Campus 2020 with experts and students

October 2014

– Tallinn, Estonia – by invitation of Tallinn University of Technology / Tallinna Tehnikaülikool (TTÜ) for a presentation at the annual conference of CESAER: the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research

September 2014

– Heidelberg, Germany – by invitation of Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Geographisches Institut for symposium “Geographies of the University”

July 2014

– London, England – invitation to speak at conference “Learning Environments: Future-Proofing our Education Buildings” – see website:

March 2014

– Lisbon, Portugal – by invitation of Instituto Superior Técnic (IST)

February 2014

– Stuttgart, Germany – by invitation of Universität Stuttgart, Fakultät Architektur und Stadtplanung, Städtebau-Institut für Symposium “Stadtquartiere für Wissenskultur”

January 2014

– Utrecht, NL – by invitation of VMRG (representing Dutch suppliers of facades)

November 2013

– Amsterdam, NL – by invitation of Class of 2020 for the 2013 symposium “The next European Renaissance”

October 2013

– Brussels, Belgium – by invitation of the European Commission – ERAC Working Group on Knowledge transfer

June 2013

– Ruhr-University Bochum and Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany, by invitation of the C60/Collaboratorium – website
– The Future Envelope 7 – Facade Value, Delft, Netherlands – see website or PDF: Facade_Value_program.

April 2013

– Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic – by invitation

March 2013

– Brussels, Belgium – by invitation of the European Commission – ERAC Working Group on Knowledge transfer

February 2013

– Stuttgart, Germany – by invitation of Städtebau-Institut Universität Stuttgart, Germany – see Programm Symposium_Univer-cities

December 2012

– Linköping, Sweden – by invitation of Linköping University

November 2012

– Gent, Belgium (student housing with DUWO)

October 2012

– Prague, Czech Republic – by invitation of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovy)

September 2012

– Manchester, England – by invitation of University of Salford

July 2012

– Seoul/Busan, South Korea – by invitation of BOSS, students Real Estate & Housing

June 2012

– Seoul, South Korea – by invitation of OECD/CELE, the Educational Facilities Research & Management Center (EDUMAC) and the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) – see

May 2012

– Madrid/Toledo, Spain (campus management at 6 Spanish universities in Madrid and Toledo, by invitation of HOI)

April 2012

– Loughborough, England – by invitation of AUDE (British association of university directors of estate)
– Helsinki, Finland – by invitation of (1) University of Helsinki and (2) KIINKO

March 2012

– Groningen, NL – by invitation of HIS (Hochschul-Informations-System GmbH, Germany)
– Utrecht, NL – by invitation of “Slim Vlottrekken” (congres praktijkleerstoel gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft)
– Warwick, England – by invitation of EUA (European University Association)

January 2012

– Glasgow, Scotland – by invitation of Strathclyde University (related to SAUDE)
– Helsinki, Finland – by invitation of Finnish universities
– Utrecht, NL – by invitation of HOI (about the changing academic workplace)

December 2011

– Delft, NL – by invitation of Delfia Batavorum

November 2011

– Barcelona, Spain – by invitation of the Spanish secretary of state for universities
– Brussels, Belgium – by invitation of HUMANE (Heads of University Management in Europe)

October 2011

– Rotterdam, NL – by invitation of Réseau Franco-Néerlandais

September 2011

– Inverness, Scotland – by invitation of SAUDE (Scottish association of university directors of estate)

July 2011

– National Harbor (near Washington DC), USA – lecture for SCUP-46 annual conference
– Utrecht, NL – by invitation of Réseau Franco-Néerlandais

June 2011

– Amsterdam, NL – for MISBE 2011 academic conference

May 2011

– Germany (campus management at different German universities with HOI)
– Scotland (student housing with DUWO)

March 2011

– Leeuwarden, NL – by invitation of BNA (Bond Nederlandse Architecten)
– Rotterdam, NL – by invitation of Hogeschool Rotterdam and Agentschap NL
– Delft, NL – by invitation of the municipality of Delft

– Delft, NL – PhD defence (March 4, 2011) and launch dissertation/book

N.B. This list excludes all lectures for students and (international) groups visiting Delft.

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