Writing a new book… off-campus

by Alexandra den Heijer

In the past months I have been spending less time on social media and increasingly more time offline. I noticed that I actually seem to practice what I preach (…): moving somewhat back from virtual to traditional. Not only concerning the working environment, but also with respect to traditional working hours. Nonetheless, I still make exceptions. Otherwise I would not write and publish this blog post late at night…

PhD defence Savis Gohari - NTNU Norway

PhD defence Savis Gohari – April 5, 2019 at NTNU Norway – about governance in campus planning and decision making – more info: NTNU website (photo: NTNU, for social media use)

After recruiting new members of our Campus Research Team (more info will follow!) and being part of three PhD committees in Eindhoven (TU/e), Trondheim (NTNU, Norway – see photo above) and Delft, I will take some time to write a new book with the working title “Campus of the future”. Ironically, I had to take some distance from TU Delft’s campus to actually focus on the writing process… writing a book about the future of the campus “off-campus” … expect some conclusions and recommendations about that!

The new book will be published in the Fall of 2019.

Until then: other recent publications about smart campus tools, circular campus solutions and campus-city relations (mostly journal papers) can be found under PUBLICATIONS.

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