Campus combi: solid, liquid & gas

by Alexandra den Heijer

In the past month I have visited Norway, Russia and Denmark to talk about (managing) the campus of the future – see TOUR. All countries are investing in higher education and want to know which facilities match the university of the future. My message in different countries is remarkably similar: the state of the campus will be a combinations of “solid”, “liquid” and “gas”. Of course that needs further explanation…

The future physical state of the campus will be a combination of:

  • “solid”, representing the fixed structures and (need for) territory on campus
  • “liquid”, representing the multiple connections on campus and more shared spaces
  • “gas”, representing the open structure of the campus and the possibility to work and study anywhere

I will present this in (much) more detail in Dutch (VSNU café en at dr. Tijs Breukink’s farewell event in Wageningen) and English (ERES conference) later this week! The presentation and paper will follow – see PUBLICATIONS and DOWNLOADS.

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