Exploring the European campus – in Germany (again)

by Alexandra den Heijer

The past two days I was in Stuttgart, giving a lecture for Universität Stuttgart at their Campus 2030 Symposium (180 Zuschauern): Universität Stuttgart. The hand-out of my presentation can be found under DOWNLOADS.


The discussion about branding both the city and the university to attract students and other knowledge workers was very similar to discussions last year in Delft and Bochum – see blog: STUDENT AS TOURIST (2013).

Stadtbibliothek / Library Stuttgart - more info:

Stadtbibliothek / Library Stuttgart – more info: WIKIPEDIA

Stuttgart has so much to offer – including the impressive new Stadtbibliothek (2011, see photo above). Personally, my attraction to Stuttgart also has everything to do with the automobile industry – with highlights like the Mercedes Museum and Porsche Museum – see blog MANAGING THE AUTOMOBILE CAMPUS (2011) and UNIVER-CITY STUTTGART (2013).

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