Univer-City Bochum, Germany

by Alexandra den Heijer

Today I am experiencing Univer-City Bochum on a Saturday, after presenting my view on univer-cities for an all German audience yesterday evening. See C60 collaboratorium website for more info about the project in German.

6577_481536765250226_1095010274_nBMy29AACUAER7fS (1)

Goal of the Univer-City Bochum project is to create a place to meet, to experiment and work for students, academics and start-ups of the 7 universities (Hochschulen) in Bochum.

Start small, brand the area, gradually develop and don’t ever finish… Those were some themes of the discussion with the audience yesterday evening.

The hand-out of my presentation can be found under DOWNLOADS.

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